This story begins with informal fashion forays[1], designing my way outta Dodge[2] and making UAC (read: wack) choices[3]. Exhausted by pillow-talk[4], boxed in by vectors and played by a CAD, I dropped out. But colour and typeface and layout and packaging and branding and fashion and music did not. My design story survived.
        I sought solace in visual harmony, comfort in creativity and relief in rebellion. I found it in the books and zines of Perimeter, the voids of Kolumba, House NA, Grizzly Bear gigs, the gardens of Kanazawa and binging Rick and Morty. The subject didn’t matter; how it looked and felt did.
        I was an ambling autodidact. I needed an outlet for the cognitive catalogue I was curating. Amateur film photography and working in an architecture studio[5] helped, but it wasn’t enough – I needed design intervention.
        It came in the form of morsels of graphic work in that studio—an EDM about reconciliation, a poster, a dinner menu, a wellness website. Those morsels tasted good, and I wanted more.
        Back to school I went. And this time I found myself in the right classroom[6]. There my passion converted into tangible skills allowing me to deploy the arsenal of references I’ve stockpiled into designs that playfully push boundaries with a composed graphic sensibility. It took a little while, like reading this bio did. But here I am, working at Google Creative Lab and finally in your browser. Hi.

[1] designed and made my school formal dress. [2] topped design technology at newcastle grammar school 2010. [3] commenced bachelor of interior and spatial design at uts 2011—deferred indefinitely. [4] not what you’re thinking. [5] grimshaw architects [6] graduated shillington college december 2019.

Selected Features
01. AGDA student awards, merit: packaging (2020)
01. AGDA student awards, finalist: identity; print; craft (2020)
02. Student Showcase, Shillington College (2019)